About Me

I am a passionate learner and teacher. Reading and running are two of my favorite hobbies and are the times when I can reflect and find inspiration from the ideas of others. Currently, I am in my 9th year of teaching high school students, and I could not love my job or my students more. Course I have taught include Speech, Rhetorical Analysis of Media, Dramatic Literature, Sophomore English, Sophomore Climb, Creative Writing English, and Junior English. In addition to coaching, I have ten years of experience coaching Speech Team, and truly believe that this activity allows students to grow as communicators, become more confident people, and learn to recognize the power of their words. To me, teaching is not just a job or career, it is a way of life, and it is one that I am most grateful to be living. I also teach an introductory speech course at a local community college. This experience has provided me with great resources to help my high school students prepare for college-level learning as well as allowed me to meet some inspiring and diverse students.

My goal is to continuous strive to be a better teacher, family member, and to continuously be learning. I am so grateful for an amazing network of friends, colleagues, and people who are constantly encouraging others to grow. I love learning about technology and how others are improving the lives of their students.

Aside from teaching, I am the mom of two beautiful daughters (ages two and one), and I am so blessed to have them in my life. Watching them grow up has been amazing, I cannot wait to see where life takes us. My husband (who has been one of my best friends since childhood) is significantly outnumbered in our household, but he definitely has a great sense of humor that keeps us all laughing!

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